Commercial Services

Terra-Firma Landscape offers the full gamut of commercial landscaping services. From major planning projects to the finer details of hedge pruning, we’re equipped to advise you on any aspect of landscaping. Our enthusiastic landscaping team is responsive, competent, and knowledgeable, and our decades of experience in property management ensures that you will receive top quality service.

We guarantee your commercial landscaping experience will be easy, worry-free and without surprises. And of course, we are always ready to assist you with any questions you may have about any aspect of the landscaping process. We do the heavy lifting because we believe constructing a landscape should be fun and exciting for you!

Snow Removal & Ice Control

Commercial snow removal and ice control is one of Terra-Firma Landscape’s most popular services. Our large crew is equipped to handle commercial and industrial properties of all sizes. We use a mix of calcium chloride salt that gets ice to melt fast, but doesn’t damage customer grass and plantings.  Our crew works 24/7 so that your employees and customers make it to your business safely.

Landscape Design

Landscape design is an exciting step in the process of constructing a magnificent property, though it can be challenging understanding how everything will fit together. When designing a landscape, there are many factors to bear in mind, including layout, accessibility, drainage planning and infrastructure, seasonal considerations, and maintenance requirements. Another aspect to consider is how the overall look of your landscape will change over time as your plants mature. Our expert team will be able to assist you with each and every  step of the process, from preparing the ground, to selecting plants, to maintenance recommendations. At Terra-Firma Landscape, we have the vision and creativity it takes to plan amazing landscape and the experience to ensure that it is feasible and meets your needs and budget.

Landscape Installation

After you complete your site design we will perform the landscape installation. We can handle every aspect of the project including:

  • plant, turf, & tree installation
  • grading, drainage & erosion control
  • patios, walkways, & fences

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is at the core of effective property management. Proper and diligent maintenance of your space is essential to making sure your commercial landscape looks great and your property values remain at peak potential. That’s why our array of services and products can tend to every aspect of year round garden care.

We offer comprehensive, seasonally appropriate landscaping maintenance: pruning, mulching, insect control, drainage management, snow removal, walkway salting, complete lawn care, you name it! At Terra-Firma Landscape, we do it all!  Whether you need seasonal cleanup, such as leaf pickup, or more involved tasks such as stump removal and aeration, our experience ensures that we know what we’re doing, no matter what the job entails. We’ll work with you and your budget to meet your property management needs. Find out why our specialists are paragons professionalism and courtesy. Contact us today about your commercial landscaping or property management needs!