Front Entrances & Walkways

Front Entrance

Everyone likes to make a grand entrance, and front walkways provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your home! In fact, a front entrance can serve the centerpiece that brings everything all together. A well designed walkway is a key feature in making a great first impression. A walkway that is dynamic and bold can highlight the best features of your home and diminish drawbacks such as limited space. This is not only important in providing an exterior that brings pride and satisfaction to a homeowner, but is paramount in maximizing the value of your property.

Front Entrance Considerations

In addition to ensuring that your entrance is inviting and pleasing, it is equally important to ensure that it is effective. After all, the function of a paved walkway entrance is to allow you to navigate between your home and the outside in a way that is safe, efficient, and elegant.

At Terra-Firma Landscape, we take several factors into consideration to make sure that each of these considerations are satisfied. The orientation and flow of the walkway sets the overall tone of the outdoor space. A walkway that provides a view of the front door allows people to feel welcome and puts guests at ease. Width is also an important factor. We recommend that your walkway is no fewer than four feet in width at any given point to allow two people to walk together without forming a line. Width is also important in the context of the surrounding landscape. A walkway that is too narrow among tall trees or hedges can create a feeling of constriction. You don’t want you or your guests to feel that they are getting lost in a jungle on the way to your home! On the flip side, a walkway that is excessively wide in a smaller space limits landscaping opportunities and doesn’t allow you to maximize your yard’s potential. Another consideration are the particular residents of your home and your guests. If small children or people with physical disabilities will be accessing your property frequently, you’ll want to limit steps and provide flat and smooth terrain to minimize risk of injury.

Custom Walkways by the Experts

An essential consideration in constructing a walkway is the construction material, which has an impact on both the color scheme and the texture of your walkway. It is important to choose a material that compliments your home and does not clash with your home exterior or yard, and this is a task we’ve performed with flying colors.

We have experience artfully incorporating varied forms of material such as brick against variegated concrete to create beautiful, striking contrasts in our border designs. We also frequently utilize veneer thickness paver bricks. This unique blend of construction material allows us to ensure that your walkway will match your front stoop, creating a truly polished and distinguished look sure to add value to your home. We invite you to take a look at some our recently completed front entrances!

So, go ahead, contact us—we are confident that we can construct the perfect entrance for you to fit your space, budget and style!