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Lawn Treatment Services

Repair and Grow Your Lawn with Terra-Firma Landscape

Our lawn care team has over two decades of experience and we’re ready to help you repair and grow your lawn. We even create a custom plan for your lawn to improve the quality of your grass helping it grow green and lush.

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Lawn Treatment Options

Whether you’re struggling with a weed problem, dealing with tough soil, or need to grow a brand-new lawn, our team can help you. Depending on your lawn’s unique needs, you may require a combination of treatment programs. Our expert team will visit your property to measure, test, and create the best treatment plan for your lawn.

We offer a variety of different lawn treatment options: from one-time broadleaf weed application to a full season program. Our full season program includes three fertilization applications: one application for pre-emergent crabgrass control and two liquid broadleaf applications. We’ll create a custom lawn treatment program to give you the best lawn possible.

Terra-Firma Landscape is one of the most trusted landscapers in Southeastern WI. We’d love the opportunity to make your lawn greener and more beautiful.

Call our friendly team for a quote on a treatment plan for your lawn at 414-422-9440.

Local Milwaukee-Area Lawn Repair Services

Did you experience lawn damage due to construction or extreme weather? If your lawn is rutted up, or if you had a tree removed or installed a driveway or patio, your grass can sustain injury. We are ready to repair the turf damage. Our team can quickly assess and grow your lawn. We never over-promise but we always deliver. Once you call our team, we’ll handle the rest!

Are you building a new home or business location? Even before construction is complete, we recommend booking your lawn treatment. As soon as your new residential or commercial property is finished, our team will be there taking care of your lawn and ensuring it fills in and thrives.

Terra-Firma Landscape will install an entire lawn for new and existing homes and businesses. We are experts at seeding and sodding for quick, healthy growth. Our expert team can repair or install any size lawn. We’ve seen it all!

Weed and Pest Control

Proper lawn treatment and fertilization helps with weed and pest control! Treat your lawn with the correct fertilization plan and watch your lawn grow thick and healthy without pesky weeds.

Our treatment options keep common weeds like crabgrass and dandelions at bay. We can also apply a lawn rust treatment or lawn fungicide treatment.

Pests like insects and small rodents won’t stand a chance in your well-maintained grass. Our treatment options keep pests far away from your lawn and heading for the hills.

Why Trust a Professional Landscaping Company?

You know your nearby hardware or home store has bags of lawn treatment for sale. As your browse the aisles, an associate may stop by and offer you advice, but do you really trust that you’re giving your lawn the correct treatment?

Between correct treatment and fertilization as well as mowing and maintenance, keeping your yard growing and thriving is a challenge. It requires time and commitment by any homeowner or commercial property manager just to keep up with that lawn.

At Terra-Firma Landscape, our team has over two decades of experience and happy customers. Once you book with us our team handles everything from prepping, planning, and applying the treatment to your lawn. Save yourself hassle and stress by calling our team.

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Proudly Serving: Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, Southern Ozaukee County, and Northern Racine County.Call us today to talk to with expert lawn treatment team at 414-422-9440.