Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Night Patio With Lighting

Of the many luxuries in this world, few are as satisfying and enduring as fire-pits, or outdoor fireplaces. There are many advantages to investing in an outdoor fire space. Outdoor fire features are not only a great way of increasing property value, but will extend the livability of your backyard long into the evening. Fire pits and places don’t merely offer physical warmth; they can provide charm and uniqueness to any outdoor space. From summer BBQ’s to winter smokes, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit will provide entertainment and utility year-round.

Fireplaces vs. Fire Pits

Both fireplaces and fire pits provide an attractive focal point. They not only provide light, but warmth. They are enticing and inviting, and always prove to be a popular amenity among friends. Man has sat around a fire and talked, cooked, ate, and drank since the dawn of time. Fires naturally put people at ease, and are a great feature for any home. Still, in this modern world, there is a choice to be made. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to fire-inclusive spaces.

It’s a hot debate; what’s better, outdoor fireplaces or outdoor fire pits? There is no wrong answer. One can be better than the other—but that is totally subjective. Consider your needs and desires. What do you want to do in your outdoor space? Try to think how you would spend most of your time there. Still, fire pits and fireplaces have their respective pros and cons, which we’ve broken down here for your benefit. Don’t forget, if you have more questions, you can always give us a call!

Fire pits –

A fire pit is a pit dug into the ground or placed in a freestanding metal vessel in which a contained fire can be lit. Fire pits are popular, less expensive alternatives to outdoor fireplaces. They also offer a few more benefits, such as the ability to entertain more people at a time. It can host between ten and twelve people, who can circle around the pit. The closeness may feel too intimate for some, but the circular configuration encourages more conversation. Homeowners investing in fire pits should keep in mind that they have nothing to block the wind, so ashes or embers may be scattered about. Fire pits come in all shapes, sizes, and designs.

Fireplaces –

Fireplaces are more sophisticated fire pits, and typically feature couches, tables, and chairs. Most outdoor fireplaces seat four to six people at a time. Fireplaces are comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and can reliably keep fire contained and away from wind. A fireplace can be a very attractive feature in a backyard, but does take up a fair amount of space. Outdoor fireplaces are also more expensive than fire pits.