Tree & Shrub Installation

When it comes to landscaping, lush trees, shrubs, and plants are the proverbial “icing on the cake.” They add character, depth, and a bit of flair, and are often the most fun part of designing an outdoor space. While picking out beautiful plants and trees is always a delight, it’s helpful to do so with an expert by your side.

Terra Firma has over two decades of experience in planting and grooming residential and commercial trees, shrubs, and other perennials. We have the local expertise necessary to ensure that your shrubbery thrives. We’ll help you pick out climate, lot and style-appropriate specimens which will perfectly complement your property. We factor in bloom time, size, shape, color and more to guarantee that each and every plant installation is ideally suited to your needs.

Among our chief services at Terra-Firma Landscape is our tree & shrub installation services. Nicely manicured shrubs really allow you to showcase your yard at its best. One of the great advantages of garden beds is that they allow you to control most aspects of the local environment, from soil selection and depth to drainage and bed shape. The closed environment that garden beds provide is also extremely beneficial in managing soil-borne pests that damage your plants, especially if you have plants that are particularly sensitive to root damaging pests and pathogens. The enclosed space of gardening beds virtually eliminates erosion concerns, as a well-constructed bed will keep your prized topsoil in the bed with your plants, and not washed down the storm drain. This is especially important if you are planning on planting a vegetable garden, where soil quality is of paramount importance to ensuring high yields and quality produce. If you enjoy gardening and personally working with your plants, then a raised garden bed offered the advantage of an elevated space, easing the strain on your back, especially when working for prolonged periods of time.

Full-Service Garden Bed Maintenance

Terra Firma Landscape offers full-service garden bed services including design, installation and garden bed maintenance, enabling our team of botanical experts to curate lush and tantalizing garden beds that meet our clients’ aesthetic desires, budget and spatial limitations. If your goal is to create a space that maximizes the aesthetic beautify of your outdoor space, then it is essential to choose plants carefully with all seasons in mind.

While poor planning can leave your bed looking dull and sad, a well thought-out formula of different types of plants allows your garden bed to sparkle all year round, with each season drawing out unique character. An artful arrangement of flora with complimenting colors, texture, and plant size can create quite an alluring landscape. A garden bed is also an excellent place to introduce a few interesting topiaries as focal centerpieces or perhaps a trellis for sprawling vines. Who needs fancy decoration or an expensive painting when you can create your own work of art outdoors?

Garden Bed Installation

Our horticultural specialists are knowledgeable about all aspects of garden bed installation. While it is the final product that the onlooker enjoys, much planning and work goes into preparing the ground to nurture a thriving garden bed, and Terra-Firma Landscape has a proven record of reliability when it comes to executing proper garden bed installation that will support your plants in the ensuing months and years. Quality and competent instillation is a must to ensure that your garden bed is stable, durable and is capable of keeping out persistent and determined pests such as gophers and rabbits.

Before your plants go into your garden bed, we also curate a specialized blend of soil so your plants receive the micro and macro nutrients they need to thrive.  A well-constructed garden bed not only eliminates the need for major repairs, it will also prove valuable if you decide to sell your home, as it will become a key selling point of your property. Finally, our dedicated team is here to stay. We won’t simply abandon you when your garden bed is up and running. We offer consistent, year-round care so that you can always boast the best looking yard on the block!

Experienced Tree Installation

Proper tree installation is not as easy as it seems. It’s not a simple case of sticking things into the ground. Inexperienced or uncommitted landscapers may install plants at improper depth, cover them in excess mulch or soil, or create other problems on your property. But put your mind at ease—our seasoned experts undergo continuous training in the best methods of set-up and maintenance. All of your plants will be carefully and ideally placed, so that you don’t run into unexpected problems or issues down the road. We install beautiful landscapes with unparalleled professionalism and accuracy, and this commitment is reflected in the quality of our work.

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Terra Firma is the leading authority in the Midwest when it comes to correct and precise planting work. From patios to porches to plants, we have the team and the tools to make every project easy, beautiful, and fast. From trimming leaves to get just the right look to carefully nurturing plants and flowers for optimal appearance and growth, our attention to detail is unrivaled. We know you’ll be blown away with the quality of our craftsmanship.

Our passion and expertise make us the ideal experts to help you with your home or business property. There’s no one better to partner with for your landscaping project. We are passionate about our work and customer service, and we’re confident you’ll be blown away by our results.

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